Renewable Energy

Investment in Renewable Energy and Technologies is key to achieving true sustainability and helps as the world aims for true Carbon Neutrality. Beldam Crossley are continuing to innovate for clean power generation and work across many Renewable Energy sectors. Furthermore, our high performing materials decrease life cycle costs and always exceed customers technical requirements.

Renewable Energy – Wind 

With over a century of experience providing engineered products and sealing solutions to varying industries.  Beldam Crossley has adapted these existing and established solutions to meet the high demands of the modern wind turbine. It is key that the seals in wind turbines provide long life, are low friction, and give ease of installation to the end user. We have a range of renewal energy sealing solutions. They suit many aspects of the motor and transmissions found within all Wind Turbines.

Renewable Energy – Hydro 

Beldam Crossley has been supplying and producing high-performance bearing and seal systems. They require no oil or grease to the Hydro Industry for over 30 years. Our various grades of Crossflon® material provide excellent abrasive wear resistance in high-pressure environments. Regardless of the grade of material chosen, Beldams Crossley’s Crossflon® material requires no oil or grease in dry or wet conditions.

Bespoke Renewable Energy Sealing Solutions 

Whether you are looking to invest in wind, hydro, electrolysis, or tidal energy, at Beldam Crossley we have the machinery and the expertise to create bespoke sealing solutions to accommodate your business to grow further.

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