In 2021, Be Ethical Training (BET) was invited by Indutrade UK to deliver ‘An introduction to ESG’ across the Group’s wider sustainability group. The introduction aimed to encourage the group’s individual businesses to explore ways to celebrate and share the great work they do for their communities, people and the planet.

As a response to the training, we, at Beldam Crossley, have started to implemented the ESG (environmental, social and governance) approach, by rolling out the awareness training across the team to gain more sustainability growth.

Business Completed the ESG Awareness Training
Would Like to Participate in an ESG Group

Beldam’s current environmental, social and governance (ESG) position – Sustainability

Every business in operation today is positioned at a specific point in its ESG understanding, activity and journey. The below ESG barometer can help visualise Beldam’s current ESG position:

ESG barometer for Beldam
Not aware of the positive outcomes of using ESG in support of sustainability and growth for a business.
Understands that it can support a business and has seen examples of the positive impact of those utilising it.
Begin to understand the basics of the different elements, and can define activities in the business that can be adapted and developed to make a positive contribution.
Placing activities into a framework and beginning to promote and engage the workforce to participate and contribute.
The business has an ESG working group in place, exploring developments and co-ordinating plans to track, measure and report on its ESG.
Delivering plans, taking accountability and sharing outcomes with leadership and the wider business.
The business now places ESG at the forefront of its decision making; the workforce is clear and driven to achieve goals, and the company is reaping the benefits of its ongoing continuous improvement.
Leading the way, being the frontrunner with new initiatives and campaigns and inspiring change in the industry for the good of society and the planet.
Making change happen, using core business offer or adapting its actual products and services to be ESG-focused for systemic change across their industry; examples include servicing or selling solar energy, waste management, water security, electric vehicles and clean energy.


Be Ethical RBT Logo

Sustainability ESG across Beldam’s operations

Every business in operation today is positioned at a specific point in its ESG understanding, activity and journey. The below ESG barometer can help visualise Beldam’s current ESG position:




  • Green energy (2023)
  • Recycling/reusable suppliers
  • Energy efficiency (partially)
  • Training (carbon literacy, ESG)
  • Cycling to work/car sharing
  • Working from home/online meetings
  • Onsite manufacturing
  • EV charging stations
  • Gifts in Kind (old laptops donated)
  • Health & wellbeing (Mental Health first aiders, Indutrade UK – online counselling, medical insurance programmes/support/training)
  • Apprenticeships (yes, could be better at capturing process and outcomes)
  • Support local supply chain/ economy (analysis to be undertaken to evidence value)
  • L&D (Learning and Development) – Training
  • Accreditations
  • Supplier T&C’s
  • Codes of conduct (some, how often reviewed?)
  • Group tax policy
  • Group bribery & corruption
  • Group modern slavery & living wage
  • Board governance
  • Training (evaluation – to be improved)
  • Privacy policy

Carbon Literate Organisation Standard

We are thrilled to announce that Beldam Crossley has met the Carbon Literate Organisation Standard and achieved the Bronze level Carbon Literacy. At Beldam Crossley, we believe that the purpose of the workplace, education, and community should be to promote sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. By becoming Carbon Literate, we are taking a significant step towards a more #sustainable future for all.

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