Hydro Energy

At Beldam Crossley, we are continuing to innovate for clean power generation and work across many Renewable energy sectors, such as Hydro Energy. Beldam Crossley’s high-performing materials decrease life cycle costs and always exceed customers’ technical requirements. Our Crossflon bearing and seal solutions are ideal for new turbine projects or rehabilitation. We have been supplying and producing high-performance bearing and seal systems that require no oil or grease for the Hydro Energy Industry for over 30 years.

Our various grades of Crossflon material provide excellent abrasive wear resistance in high-pressure environments. Regardless of the grade of material chosen, Beldams Crossley’s Crossflon material requires no oil or grease in dry or wet conditions. The reliability, long life, and track record of proven performance have made Beldam Crossley one of the leaders in this field.

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Crossflon Hydro Energy Bearings

In any hydropower application, one of the key components is the bearing. With over 50 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of self-lubricating bearings, Beldam Crossley knows the challenges faced. Beldam Crossley proprietary Crossflon Hydro Bearings run completely dry and have industry-leading wear characteristics to reduce friction. Manufacturing of the Crossflon materials can be utilized in varying environments including water, water-based fluids, and oil.

Crossflon Guide Bearings

Crossflon bearings are recognized as one of the best choices for any new turbine or rehabilitation project. Beldam Crossley’s experience and material knowledge are quickly becoming the go-to when upgrading from other bearing materials. Our extensive experience in this sector ensures that a fully engineered product & solution is provided rather than just material supply for retrofit to an existing lubricated guide bearing.

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