Wind Turbine Sealing Solutions

Wind Energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source. With the world needing more and more energy, but a better environment, wind turbines are one of several options being invested in for the present and future energy creation.

Beldam Crossley has adapted these existing and established solutions to meet the high demands of the modern wind turbine. We have a range of renewal energy sealing solutions, suitable for many aspects of the motor and transmissions found within all Wind Turbines.

Wind Turbines

To protect the bearings in a wind turbine, you need to have a non-leak sealing system. If any outside material was to enter, or lubricant spillages occur, the bearings will degrade very quickly. Normally, rubber lip seals are used to seal these shafts, and lubricant is controlled by the lip angle within the rotating shaft. Within the turbine shaft itself, having a perfectly smooth shaft surface is actually not the best idea for maximum performance sealing. Small characteristics including texture, roughness, or a more grippy surface can improve sealing.

In wind turbines, the Rotary Seals’ main job is to hold the main shaft in position while converting the blade rotation speed to one suitable for its generator. The transmission basically gives a link where the blades and generator can communicate with each other. There are many advantages of using a well manufactured Rotary Seal, as they are consistently reliable, lasting decades or more. They’re also cost-effective, as the housings and shafts are fairly cheap to manufacture.

PTFE Sealing Components

At Beldam Crossley, our main seal component is PTFE, is resistant to rugged environments. Additionally, it also deals flawlessly with high and low temperatures. PTFE can withstand extremely high pressures, which are perfect for wind turbines. As PTFE seals are self-lubricating, this also makes them maintenance-free. In the wind power industry, it’s important to keep turbines running without issues. Find out more about our sealing solutions in the power industry here.

If you’d like to learn more about PTFE or rotary seals in wind turbines, contact our team today and find out how we can help you!