Pilot® Lidpack – PTFE Tank Lid Packing Range

The Pilot® Lidpack sealing range stands out as the optimal choice for applications involving the transportation of chemical and solvent cargoes. Its exceptional construction, incorporating polytetrafluoroethylene, combined with the distinctive properties of Pilot® Compression Lidpack, has positioned it as the foremost brand in tank lid packing. Primarily engineered for maritime applications, where the prevention of both water ingress and external spillage is of paramount concern, this solution sets the industry standard for reliability and performance.

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Pilot® Lidpack – PTFE Tank Lid Packing Range

The Pilot® Lidpack range is designed for use on vehicles with tank hatches, primarily on sea going and inland vessels, but also on road and rail transport. The Pilot® Lidpack is resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, chemicals and edible products, and is available in a wide range of sizes, supplied as ready-made rings or as spooled lengths.

Pilot® Lidpack 3801L

Designed for light oils and petrochemicals

  • Suitable for contact with vapour and liquid
  • Superior sealing performance
  • Compensates for variances in pressure and installation
  • Designed for Naphtha/light oils and petrochemicals

Pilot® Lidpack 3800

Ideal for most bulk liquid cargoes

  • Excellent sealing performance
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Superb spring back and recovery

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