PTFE Lip Seals

Beldam Crossley provides a range of PTFE Lip Seals designed to withstand aggressive environments in the use of rotary applications, helping to bridge the gap between current technologies for both gas and liquid sealing applications.

PTFE Lip Seal advantages

✔ Wide media and temperature range compatibility.
✔ Designed to work in high pressures with dry running.
✔ Low friction increases efficiency.
✔ Used in conjunction with rotary, reciprocating and oscillating shafts.
✔ High surface speed at low pressure.

Typical Industries

Bespoke PTFE Lip Seal Designs

Our bespoke lip and cup seal designs allow us to create seals that range from the small (10mm OD) to the large (1200mm OD).  Contact our team for enquiries on all our seals and bespoke designs.


Beldam Crossley has been moulding PTFE for over half a century. We have since developed a wide range of High Performance Crossflon® materials, each suited to a specific application.

Lip seal
Orientation section of Lip seal
Lip seals
Crossflon 403
Crossflon 702