Sealant, Bearings & Polymer Products & Solutions

Beldam Crossley has a proud history, the origins of which date back to 1876. Over the many years since, we have achieved an unrivalled reputation for providing advanced sealing, bearing and polymer-based products. This experience and expertise mean we are able to offer safe and highly reliable solutions for use in the most arduous of conditions.

Pilot® Compression Packings

The Pilot® brand of high performance compression packings are primarily designed to create a sealing surface between a moving spindle or shaft.

Crossflon® High Performance Engineering

Beldam Crossley has been moulding PTFE for over half a century. We have since developed a wide range of high performance Crossflon® materials, each suited to a specific application.

Crossflon Bearings & Machined Components

Beldam Crossley offer a wide range of Crossflon® bearings for use in rotary and linear applications. We manufacture sleeve, flange and thrust bearings along with bearing strips in Crossflon® high performance engineering plastics.

Crossflon® Machined Bellows

Beldam Crossley offer a comprehensive PTFE bellow design and manufacturing service. They are used in many applications and prove effective in reducing vibration transmission, whilst accommodating expansion and contraction in various equipment.

Pilot Compression Lidpack

Wherever chemical and solvent cargoes are carried, the unique construction and properties of Pilot® Lidpack 3500 have made it the leading brand of tank lid packing.

Crossflon® Skidway & Slide Bearings

Crossflon® skidway plates are used to aid the skidding of topsides, jackets and other heavy fabrications. A structure weighing in excess of 47,000 tonnes has been successfully loaded out on a Crossflon® skidway system.

Image Of Crosslon® High Temperature Cord Seals

Cord seal (also known as rope seal) offers designers and engineers the ability to increase operating efficiencies by reducing hot gas leakage between components in aircraft engines, other turbines and high temperature static sealing applications.

Pilot Precision Gaskets

We have invested in modern cutting equipment to ensure rapid delivery of precision cut quality gaskets including, but not limited to, CNC oscillating knife cutting machines.

Wire & Textile Overbraid

Wire & Textile Overbraid

Overbraid provides reinforcement and protection from mechanical and abrasive damage, in addition to external chemical attack to all types of rubber and plastic tubing. Overbraid can be used for protecting both metallic & PTFE bellows. It also increases the hoop strength of the tubing and limits axial movement.