Please note that the Terms and Conditions shown below are between Beldam Crossley [Company] and Suppliers of Products, Services and Materials to Company.

Definitions & Interpretation

  • “Company” means Beldam Crossley Ltd.
  • “Order” means the Purchase Order – duly signed on behalf of the Company
  • “Agreement” means all applications for quotations, purchase orders, assignments and the agreements arising from them that are entered into between Beldam Crossley Ltd and the Supplier and to which these conditions are declared applicable
  • “Supplier” means the person, firm, or company to whom the order is addressed.
  • “Goods” means the articles or things to be supplied.
  • “Services” means the work to be carried out by the Supplier pursuant to the order.
  • “Specification” means any technical requirement or description applied to the Goods or Services contained or referred to in the Order
  • “Completion Date” shall mean the date specified in the Special Conditions upon which the Goods shall be delivered or the date by which the Services shall have been completed


Status of Order

Beldam Crossley Ltd. (Buyer) purchase order further to a Supplier quotation, inclusive with all of its terms and conditions by default (additionally any prior clarifications matrices and/or written mutual agreement approved by both the Buyer and Supplier) constitutes the complete, final and exclusive statement of the contract between Buyer and Supplier. Acceptance of Buyer’s order is expressly limited to these terms and conditions.

Additional, different or inconsistent terms and conditions proposed by Supplier in its quotation, acknowledgement or acceptance of this purchase order or otherwise, are objected to and rejected. Buyer’s acceptance of goods or Services from Supplier shall not be deemed to be an acceptance of any such conditional, different or inconsistent terms and conditions. No changes or additions of any kind to the terms and conditions stated herein, or waiver of any kind shall be binding on Buyer unless agreed to in writing signed by an authorised representative of Buyer. Commencement of performance by Supplier shall be an acceptance of all of Buyer’s terms and conditions Supplier shall provide formal written acknowledgement within 72 hours of purchase order receipt.


Supplier agrees not to publicise the fact that Buyer has contracted with Supplier and not to disclose any details or other information about the order without Buyer’s written permission. Unless otherwise known to the public, all information disclosed by Buyer to Supplier is confidential and proprietary and Supplier agrees that it shall not be disclosed or used except for the purpose of performing this agreement. All things (such as drawings, documents, etc.) containing such information are the property of the Buyer and are to be delivered to it upon demand. Supplier agrees that no information disclosed by it to Company shall be confidential unless due notice thereof is given in advance to and accepted by Company in writing.

Supplier agrees all copyright, design and other intellectual property (IP) rights in any work developed during and/or after any contract, placed from Beldam Crossley Ltd. upon Supplier. All rights and ownership shall reside with Company, unless expressed and agreed in writing by both parties prior to commencement/agreement of the contract.

Modification & Variation

Beldam Crossley Ltd. reserve the right to amend and/or cancel the Order prior to the receipt of any goods and/or Services supplied by the Supplier, subject to written notification from the Buyer. Any such changes must be formally acknowledged by return, and the Supplier has 14 calendar days from receipt of the change request to inform the Buyer of any implied consequences of such amendments. Consequences after such point will be void. Both the Buyer and Supplier must agree in writing to the necessary and reasonable adjustments to the Order reflective of the consequence.

Supplier shall notify Beldam Crossley Ltd. in writing of any proposed changes in product and /or Services in the first instance and in full, such that Beldam Crossley has time to assess the potential impact of these changes. Beldam Crossley Ltd. reserves the right to approve such changes before work is allowed to proceed.

Full Beldam Crossley Terms and Conditions

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